Manage Business Life

Cut costs.

Lower travel costs because you can be there without leaving your office.

Reduce long-distance charges and other communications costs.

Improve customer service and quality control.

See how busy your store is and monitor employee/customer interactions from your smart phone or computer.

Receive a real-time email alert if a store opened late, closed early or if there is activity in the store after hours.

View live or recorded video anytime, anywhere.

Generate information that allows you to incentivize and reward positive employee behaviors.

Monitor customer traffic patterns and evaluate store layout.

Expand store offerings.

Offer free Wi-Fi to your customers.

Increase employee productivity and profitability.

Monitor employee activity.

Create a sense of management presence even when you’re not there.

Make your employees more conscious of getting to work on time and not leaving early.

Strengthen communications.

Hold remote team meetings.

Use video records for best-practice sharing.

Resolve issues fairly and in real time.

Enhance security.

Create a video presence that minimizes theft for mostly cash businesses.

Receive email alerts that tell you when someone is in your store when the aren’t supposed to be.

Deter litigation.

Review recorded video to determine exactly what happened in a conflict between employees or an employee and a customer.

Create video records that can protect you from customer injury claims.

Imagine your application. We’ll make it work

We’ll work with you to create a customized system that meets the management needs of your business. Our background is in small business management, so we know what businesses need.

Perfect for:

  • Small businesses with multiple locations
  • Franchising organization and franchise owners
  • Restaurant owners and managers
  • Property managers
  • and your business...