Why Choose Custom Cams

We’re local. We’re a family-owned and operated St. Louis company focused on St. Louis area businesses, so we’re there when you need us.

Easy to use. Because we use secure cloud computing, if you can access the Internet you can access your smart video and audio, with nothing to install, nothing to configure or setup, nothing to learn.

Works on your hardware. Our services are Windows and Mac friendly, and work on the iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices.

See it and hear it anywhere, anytime. Our industry leading “View Anywhere” software gives you anywhere/anytime access to live or recorded high definition video and audio.

Our software watches so you don’t have to. Smart video monitors the video feed and triggers customized email and instant message alerts to let you know about issues you may need to address.

Cost-effective. We offer a variety of rate plans that meet your specific needs by combining low upfront costs with a small monthly fee. Because we utilize secure cloud computing, our clients enjoy the benefits of high-end technology with the costs.

Leading-edge technology. Because we’re web-based, our technology is always state-of-the-art. That means your time is spend experiencing the benefits of our Smart Video service, not worrying about your hardware.

Customized to your needs. Our straightforward options make the choices easy, and our professional installers assess your needs and install a customized system with minimal disruption to your business or home.

Additional Features

High definition, IP cameras deliver better video quality and resolution.

Additional users can be given “rights” to access live or recorded video and audio and specific times and/or locations.

Determine when you want to record and review it at any time.

Wireless cameras can be moved anywhere in the building.

On the ground:

Professional installers
determine the best
configuration of
IP cameras for your
home or business

To the cloud:

Cloud computing combines
powerful, secure servers and
high-end computers with lower
costs and 24/7 oversight to ensure
the system is always “up”. Custom
Cams software monitors video
data and generates customized
real-time alerts instantly.

To your phone or any computer

No software to install,
nothing to setup, nothing to
learn. If you have an internet
connection you can view
your camera. And because
we’re Web-based, you’ll
always benefit from
leading-edge technology.